The Christian Recorder is the oldest existing black periodical in America, and the only one in the United States whose existence dated before the Civil War. It had its
weekly and subscribers paid one dollar and fifty cents a year.

The name of the Christian Herald was changed to The Christian Recorder at the Ninth Quadrennial Session of the General Conference that was held in 1852 in New York
City. The first issue was published and disseminated on July 1, 1852. The first editor of The Christian Recorder was the Reverend M. M. Clark, who was one of the first
college graduates in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Clark was a graduate of Jefferson College and was considered to be one of the best-educated men in the
A.M.E. Church. He wrote that the Recorder's focus would be religion, morality, science and literature and it was to treat all geographical areas of the A.M.E. Church equally.